• One of the many benefits to adding a Pergola Patio Cover to your house is the ability to add shade but not make your home dark. This home’s back patio is facing north. In the winter months the sun is in the southern hemisphere and the north side of homes tend to be darker which causes the snow and ice to stay longer. Adding a pergola to this end of your home will still allow light it in while still provide you with enough shade during the hot summer months when the sun is directly above your patio.

    The advantage of our Pergolas is their low maintenance design. They are engineered and made of a wood grained aluminum. Our pergolas never have to be repainted or stained. It will never rot, fade, warp, or need replaced. They are engineered to hold up to Idaho’s snow loads and the frequent wind we face here in southern Idaho. They come in 7 different designer colors and have 4 different end cut options. Give our Superior Pergolas a try.