• Patio Covers

  • Newport Flat Pan Patio Cover

  • Flat Pan Description

    7 Different Color Choices 

    Integrated Gutter and Downspout

    Maintenance Free Aluminum

    Natural Wood Grain Look

    Comes standard with 3x8 Beam with Wrapped Post - (7 different color options)

    Optional Color / Pergola Cut wraps (7 different color options)

    Engineered for Idaho building codes

    ***Lifetime Transferable Warranty ***


  • Insulated Paneled Patio Covers

  • Insulated Patio Cover Description

    Our Solid Insulated Patio Covers are by far the Strongest and Nicest Patio Covers on the Market.   

    Integrated Gutter and Downspout

    Maintenance Free Aluminum

    3x8 beam with wrapped post (7 Different Color Options)

    Optional Pergola Wrap (7 Different Color Options)

    Engineered to meet Idaho Building Codes

    Natural Wood Grain look

    Noise Barrier

    Will not collect leaves like a tradition Patio Cover

    Will not radiate Heat

    Will support your weight in the event you need to get on your Patio Cover

    Option Fan/Electrical raceways can be added for under lighting or lights out on the post

    ***Lifetime Transferable Warranty ***


  • Aluminum V-Pan Patio Cover

  • Our Aluminum V-Pan patio cover is the most affordable cover option.   Our V-pan covers are engineered to hold up to our tough Idaho winters.  

    Color - White and Cream 

    Integrated Gutter and Downspout

    Maintenance Free Aluminum

    Comes standard with 3x3 mag Post and Aluminum I-Beam

    Engineered for Idaho Building Codes

    Options Skylight Panels

    ***Lifetime Transferable Warranty ***